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Spine Surgery Testimonials

Although most back pain can be managed with non-surgical treatment, there are more than 1 million spinal surgeries performed for the treatment of degenerative spinal disorders. Here are a couple experiences:

Mr. Curtis Leffler,
Following a motor vehicle accident, was suffering from severe lower back pain and sciatica and was unable to participate in his exercises.
Two weeks after a percutanious discectomy, his pain was relieved. He returned to his normal activities and sent this photo as token of appreciation.

K.A. is a 14-year old girl who developed low back pain and later sciatica after some pre-swimming sports exercises. She was suffering for 18 months before having surgery.

She had been frequently seen by her family physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, and psychiatrist. She had been hospitalized twice and each time had been treated with skeletal traction. Her final diagnosis was psychiatric conversion reaction. She refused to go swimming and stopped going to school because of pain.

Her pain was intermittent and became worse with coughing and sneezing. Her pain was relieved with rest. Her only limitation was straight leg raising at 20° on the left with positive tension test, and a slight weakness of the posterior tibialis. MRI disclosed slight bulging at the level of L4-5. All other tests, including CBC, ESR, and bone scan were negative.

This patient was diagnosed as having herniated nucleus pulposus of L5-S1. The diagnosis was confirmed by dynamic discography. A percutaneous discography under local anesthesia reproduced her symptoms, and a percutaneous discectomy under local anesthesia relieved her symptoms completely. Three hours later, left straight leg raising was 90°. She stated, "For the last 18 months, I could not raise my leg." She resumed her schooling and swimming 1 week later. Just 2 months after surgery she competed with 250 girls in preparing for the next Olympic swimming competition, and she won fifth place. Two years later she is active and cheerful.


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